An open letter to Abora Recordings [UPDATE]

Dear Abora Recordings,

you failed quite miserable on so many levels.

Not only you failed to respond to any request, not only you left fans hanging in there but you’re also “stealing” money and time from valuable customers.

We are over the one year mark of silence and this is sad – but let me recap:
I preordered the Driftmoon – (R)evolution Vinyl in your webstore on the 4th of Janary 2017 and until now got no news, if this ever happen. I also got no answers on requests to my order and had to actually ask Driftmoon about it – two times!

The first answer from Driftmoon was that I had to wait a little bit longer than expected and that he could send me one in the meantime. I was fine with waiting and I did not want to be a burden for Driftmoon, so I declined the offer. Oh what a naive mind I had, to actually belive that you, Abora Recordings could deliver this (if I knew you weren’t able to deliver, I would have taken Driftmoons offer)

The second answer from Driftmoon was, that you would refund everyone and that he would ask you about it. Because I don’t want to annoy Driftmoon any further, I have not asked again.

This refund never happend – but thats not the worst part of it. The worst part of this is: WHY I HAD TO ASK DRITMOON ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHEN THIS IS ACTUALLY YOUR RESPONSIBILTY???

I don’t care if you are a big label or a small one and it actually doesn’t matter.
If you operate a webstore, you got a responsibilty to care about your customers.

If you can’t handle your webstore or you’re unable to answer questions about ordered stuff, you should not operate a store in the first place.

I think I’m not the only one you left behind in a void of silence and thats a shame.
I can only imagine how you handle complaints from customers when – for example – stuff got broken while shipping – they would face the same ignorance and this should be unacceptable for you as a store owner

Will I ask Driftmoon again? No, but i will forward this open letter to him.

Will I order something in your store ever again? Maybe, but not anytime soon and only if it’s not “preorder”. Rather it hast to be something you actually produced and have in stock (like a limited amount of signed CDs)

Will I still buy music from Abora or Driftmoon? Yes, because Driftmoon got nothing to do with Aboras fault and I’m not so resentful, that I’m not buying music from Aboras through beatport or iTunes

Would I care if the Vinyl still happens? At this point no – it’s shame but I know this will never happen. What I do care about is the almost 50$USD you owe me … but apperently the refund will also never happen


a fan who got left behind.

[UPDATE 15.01.2018 – 22:18]

After I sent this letter to Abora Recording via E-Mail they actually answerd and I hope this problem get solved soon


I got refund



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