Trust issues with Driftmoon and Vinyl releases

You may remember my odyssey with Abora Recordings and the Driftmoon (R)evolution Vinyl – well here we go again (sort of)

In 2018 Driftmoon released his second Album “Invictus” which i currently own only as a digital copy. With the “Invictus” Album Driftmoon promised to actually release a Vinyl record through the Amplifyd plattform.

Amplifyd is a plattform where an Artist can provide custom packes like Studio Tours, Mastering Services or Mentor Ship. The plattform can also be used to provide limted physical copies in form auf signed CDs or Vinyls.

Despite better judgement, I thought to myself “let’s give this a second chance” because i knew that Solarstone successfully delivered are Pure Trance Vinyl with the help of Amplifyd and I ordered the Invictus Vinyl Pack.

After a long time of radio silence i got an interesting EMail from Amplifyd:

We are disappointed to report that Driftmoon has been suspended from the platform until we can verify that he has fulfilled all outstanding orders. Accordingly, Driftmoon is no longer able to sell packages through Amplifyd and his artist page has been disabled at this time.


We have received numerous customer communications concerning timely fulfillment of package content by Driftmoon. In turn, we have forwarded to Driftmoon these complaints and requests for refunds, and reached out to Driftmoon repeatedly to ask for status updates and encourage communication with his customers. Many months later, Driftmoon has still been unable to resolve his order fulfillment issues or stick to a date for completion.


As the content provider, Driftmoon is ultimately responsible for the fulfillment of his orders, including sending to Amplifyd digital content to post on the platform and providing offline content (e.g., CDs, vinyls, and other physical items) directly to his customers.


Accordingly, we encourage you to contact Driftmoon directly for updates on ther order status or to request refunds

Amplifyd Support
Dan Wills / CEO Amplifyd Music

I have to mention that Amplifyd had technical issue before this EMail, where they lost transaction data but this is not the point of this blog post.

In the greater picture Driftmoon failed to hold his promise and I’m disappointed again

At this point I have not contact Driftmoon but I will contact Driftmoon about this and I will update this post accordingly